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Our Savior’s Church Council Meeting: September 17, 2020

Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee A., Gordy N., Trudy P., Norm L., Mardi V., Cathy H.
Lee called the meeting to order.
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts. Exodus 19
60 days after Israelites were delivered out of Egypt, Moses went to God. Telling the people of Israel that GOD
is the only one to listen to. We are to think of how this relates to us now in these days. We should take the
metaphor and apply it to us. Israel in Hebrew means “those who struggle with GOD”. He says, “I brought me
out of your sin-filled condition, now obey my voice.” We reel jus like Adam and Eve. We only apply what we
want to hear. GOD says, “You will be my treasured people of all the people of the world.”
At Sinai, GOD leads and gives Israel divine wisdom on how to live with Him and one another. God’s
rules and regulations are good for all of GOD’s people in order to bless one another.
GOD was preparing the Israelites to be a blessed people just as He prepares us to be a blessed people so
that all the people might be blessed. (Gen. 12).
Pastor’s Report: There have been a few funerals where physical distancing was not observed. He is still
concerned about the spread of Covid. He would like to remind us to still keep our
distance and wear masks. If anyone has any discussion on this matter, he would like to
hear it.
Minutes: Minutes from Aug. meeting were read by the council members. Pastor made a motion to
accept the August minutes, Gordy 2
nd. MC
Treasurer’s Report: Mardi made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and to pay the bills, Norm 2
nd, MC
Committee Reports:
Education: Sunday School has started. Everything is going along fine. Discussion was held on what
to do if we needed to stop and how to go about that and what to do to proceed forward
with Sunday school.
Youth: Confirmation has started.
Property: Gordy has reported that the flooring is still on hold. Gordy will call someone to mow the
church lawn. Lee will ask Ryan Vigessa to sweep in front of the boulevard of the church.
Parish: Next meeting: October 15 @ 6:30pm at OS and this will be a budget meeting.
Old Business:
A. Flooring.
New Business:
A. Joint church service with St. Paul’s hosting is on Sunday, October 4 at 10am
B. OS Fall Bazaar will be held at the Civic Center on Saturday, October 3rd, from10am-1pm
C. OS Annual Turkey Dinner, Sunday, November 1st, at the Stanton Civic Center
Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: October 22 @6:00pm
Lee adjourned the meeting. We ended with the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Trudy Piatz Upon approval at October meeting