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                           Church Council Minutes: Thursday, March 17th, 2022
Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis R., President Lee A., Gordy N., Rick H., Brandon 
W., Mardi V., and Secretary Trudy P. Absent: Youth group member. 
Opening Prayers by Pastor Dennis
David has enemies. And in order to escape these enemies. He pretends to be insane until the King drives him out. Amazingly, David wrote, “ I will bless the Lord at all times.” After he had been almost killed three times why would he still want to “bless” the Lord?” David knew the Lord. He knew the Lord had chosen him, prepared him and saved several times. Therefore, he “thanked” the Lord for his faithfulness.

Lee called the Meeting to order:
The agenda was read over, Trudy made a motion to approve the agenda, Gordy 2nd, all in favor, MC.
After the reading of the minutes of the January meeting, Gordy made a motion to approve the minutes and Brandon 2nd ; All in favor, MC. 
There was no meeting in February.
Pastor’s Report: The Lenten Season is going well and the Pastor is pleased.
Treasurer’s Report
The parsonage flooring bill has been paid off. Trudy made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report and pay the bills. Mardi 2nd ; All in favor, MC.
Committee Reports:
Worship: Pastor reports that our “online services” are still going strong. Easter is in the planning. More people are attending church.
Education: A meeting is in the planning for this group.
Youth Group: 
Property: Gordy was involved in doing some plumbing at the parsonage and the elevator man was due to be here at 8am on the 18th of March to fix the elevator.
Stewardship: The committee has not met as of the meeting.
Parish Council: The next meeting date of the Parish Council will be April 7th; 6:00pm @ St. Paul’s
Old Business:
A. Elevator: The elevator will be getting fixed on March 18th
B. Constitution: Lee gave an update on the constitution. A motion was made to leave the Constitution as was approved at the Annual Meeting in January, 2022 by Pastor Dennis and 2nd by Trudy, MC
New Business:
A. Floors: It was decided to contract the stripping and waxing the basement floor.
B. New Doors: Discussion was held on buying and installing new doors in the church. The matter was tabled for now.
C. Confirmation: Pastor made a motion to accept Jace Boyko as a new member of the congregation upon his 
confirmation. Mardi 2nd; MC Confirmation will be held on May 8th during Worship.
D. Easter Breakfast: Gordy asked to chair the breakfast event.
Upcoming Events:
Easter: Sunrise Services @ 7:00am. Breakfast at 7:45am, Resurrection Celebration Service at 8:30am
Confirmation will be held on May 21st, 2021
A. Correspondence: We received a postcard from Gordy Schnabel. A “Thank You letter” came from Lutheran Disaster Response team. 
A letter came and a small amount of discussion was given as to whether or not we 
wanted our pictures taken again in our church and put into a booklet or not.
Next Meeting Date: Thursday, April 21st at 6:00pm
Gordy made a motion to adjourn; Rick 2nd; meeting adjourned.
Closing: Pastor led us in the Lord’s Prayer 
Submitted by: Trudy Piatz , Upon approval at the April meeting.

Center-Stanton Joint Parish Council Meeting, April  7, 2022

President Steve Hovey called the meeting to order.
Members present were Steve H., Mark A., Alan S., Joel’l N., Billie Jo S., Jennifer O., and Pastor Dennis.
Minutes: Steve made a motion to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Alan 2nd; MC
Treasurers Report: Same as the last meeting.
Next Meeting: Thursday, July 21, 2021 at 6:30 PM at Our Savior’s in Stanton.
Steve adjourned the meeting. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Submitted by Jennifer O., Secretary of Parish Council
Officers for 2022-2023: President: Billie Jo S. (22-25) VP: TBA; Secretary: Jennifer O. (21-24); Alan S. (21-24); Mark A. (22-25); Joel’l N. (22-25); Steve H. (20-23)