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Our Savior’s Church Council Meeting: October 21, 2021

Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee A., Gordy N., Trudy P., Norm L. (via internet) , and Cathy 
H. Absent: Mardi V. and Hallie S.
Lee called the meeting to order.
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts.
Nicodemus asked to speak to Jesus personally. Possibly being afraid of what his peers would have said, he asked to see Jesus after dark which is also a metaphor that Nicodemus was in the dark spiritually. Upon examining and speaking to Jesus he came to believe that Jesus was really and truly the Messiah. Nicodemus then believed Jesus’ side and spoke in his defense. John the Baptist offered the Baptism of Repentance. The Pharisee’s did not follow the law until the Law became GOD, replacing GOD in their heart. Jesus and John the Baptist proclaimed that the Pharisee’s were hypocrites and needed to come to know the real God 
and to walk in His ways. Jesus tried to explain to the Pharisees that if you are not baptized with the spirit of GOD, your soul is not cleansed. You, therefore, need to be born of the spirit if you don’t have the spirit in you. We follow Jesus because His spirit is within us. The spirit is like the wind that blows where it wishes. Likewise, the Spirit comes upon us from where, we do not know and leads us where we are right to be pleasing in GOD’s eyes. Amen
Pastor’s Report: The trip Pastor and Theresa took to attend the funeral of Theresa’s sister-in-law and spend time with 
her family was a good trip. Pastor said he feels more rested because of that and is looking forward to 
Thanksgiving and Christmas. The study of Articles of Faith on Wednesdays has been good. Pastor 
hopes to have a similar study this winter on the Lord’s Prayer and the Apostle’s Creed.
Minutes: Norm made a motion to approve the council minutes of the September meeting. Gordy 2nd. MC
Treasurer’s Report: Trudy made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay the bills, Gordy 2
nd, MC
Committee Reports:
Worship: Pastor reported that worship is going well. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be coming up.
Education: Pastor reported that there are 5 in student confirmation. 2 in mentorship, and they have been meeting Wednesdays. A group of adults have attended Articles of Faith with Dr. James Nestingen reviewing the 10 commandments..
Youth: Has not met yet.
Property: Gordy has changed out bulbs and Lee is watching and changing our furnace filters.
Stewardship: Has not met
Parish: Next meeting: January 22, 22 @ 6:30pm at OS.

Old Business:
A. Flooring: Pastor will call for an update when the flooring will be installed.
New Business:
A. Thanksgiving Service: will be held here at OS on Wednesday, November 24 @ 6pm
B. Budget Meeting: will be done on our next council meeting in November
C. Adult and Teen Challenge will be here on Sunday, October 31.
Upcoming Events:
A. Turkey Dinner: November 7 at Stanton Civic Center along with daylight savings ends, so turn your clocks back on 
November 6th before you go to bed.
B. Advent Services begin on November 28th with Holden Prayer beginning on Wednesday, December 1
Correspondence: Council received a “thank you” from Pastor and Theresa on the card they received from the council for Pastor recognition Sunday. Thank you both for all you do for all of us. We are grateful to have Pastor and Theresa in leadership for our congregation. Pastor says, “they are grateful to be part of our congregation.

Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: November 18 @6:00pm (Budget meeting)
Lee adjourn the meeting. We ended with the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Trudy P. upon approval at November meeting.

Center-Stanton Joint Parish Council Meeting, October 7, 2021
​Meeting held at OSLC opened by Diane C.

Prayer by Pastor Dennis

Members present: Diane C., Barb F., Alan S, Joell N, Jennifer O. Pastor Dennis and Rick H, Parish Treasurer also attended.

Minutes: Barb made a motion and Diane seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Motion passed. Joell N was voted by Our Savior"s Church Council to finish out Dean K. term.

Treasurer's Report: Joell N made a motion to approve the Treasure's Report. Jennifer seconded. Motion passed.
New Business, Budget: Alan made a motion to accept the proposed Budget for 2022. Barb seconded. Motion passed. An audit committee was formed.

Next Meeting: January 6, 2022 at 6:30 at Our Savior's.

Diane adjourned the meeting.

Submitted by Jennifer O., Joint Parish Council secretary