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                                 Our Savior’s Lutheran Church Meeting Minutes
                                                Tuesday, December 14th, 2021
Attendance: Pastor Dennis, Lee A., Gordy N., Cathy H., Rick H., and Trudy P.. Absent: Mardi V. & Hallie S.
Opening Prayers and Spiritual Thoughts: Pastor Dennis Luke 1 Verse 38.
Mary was extraordinary however she was not unique. Many have revered her because she was Christ’s mother. In Biblical Times when a young mother became pregnant she risked disaster, unless the father of the unborn child agreed to marry her. If her father rejected her, she could be 
forced into prostitution or begging in order to earn a living for the rest of her life. And, Mary, having become pregnant, although perplexed, was willing to follow GOD’s wishes because she had a vision that she was going to be with child and seeing how it was a vision from the she was willing to serve GOD.
In Mathew we learn about Joseph, little is known about him. He was a man of strong beliefs and a man who was prepared to do what was right even if it meant the pain he would cause to someone he loved and to himself. He had another quality of not only doing what was right, but always tried to do it right way! Joseph was concerned about the baby not being his child, but after God sent a messenger to Joseph, explaining it to him he broke the engagement and did it in such a way as not to embarrass Mary, and decided to obey GOD and took Mary for his wife. As instructed from GOD, after the birth of Jesus, GOD summoned Joseph to take his family and flee to Egypt away from Herod and eventually they settled in Nazareth and each year made a trip to Jerusalem for Passover. Joseph knew Jesus was someone special from the moment he heard the angel’s words. His strong belief in that fact that; and his willingness to follow GOD’s leading, empowered him to be Jesus’ chosen earthly father.

Meeting called to order by President Lee.
Addition and Approval of the Agenda: Trudy made a motion and Cathy seconded the motion to approve the agenda. MC
Pastor’s Report: Elm Crest Manor had a church service Sunday the 5th of December. We will having only 3 Advent services this year. Thanksgiving services were cancelled this year because of Covid.
Approval of November Minutes: Rick Honeyman made a motion to approve & accept November minutes; and 2nd by Gordy Neumiller. MC
Treasurer’s Report: A motion was made by Pastor Dennis to pay all bills and accept the Treasurer’s report . Gordy 2nd. MC.
Worship: The worship committee will be meeting again soon.
Education: Met last Sunday the 12th and they looked at a program called “GROW” for next years curriculum.
Youth Group: Has not met.
Property: The flooring for the Parsonage will be put in on the 17th of January. It was discussed that we could use some “young strong muscles” around the 15th of January, to help remove and lift out old carpeting and move furniture prior to the floor being put in. Anyone that can help can contact Lee or Pastor or Gordy on this matter.
Stewardship: Has not met
Parish Council: The council will meet again January 6th at 6:30 at Our Saviors.
Old Business:
Flooring: New flooring January 17th for the parsonage.
Elevator: Our elevator is in need of repair. The church council decided to go ahead with the repairs on the elevator since it has served our church so 
well and we still have parishioners that are in dire need of using it. Pastor made a motion to fix the elevator and Trudy 2nd : all in favor; MC
New Business:
Offering for Lutheran Disaster Fund: It was discussed decided that a “special offering” will be put into effect on Sunday, the 19th of December for Lutheran Disaster Relief to help victims of the latest storms in the south. A motion for this decision was made by Trudy and seconded by Gordy. MC
Snow Removal: A motion was made by Rick and seconded by Pastor to hire Jason Berger to be our snow removal person this winter. MC.
Election of Board member (nominating committee): The church board approved the nomination of Rick Honeyman to serve on the board for one year, replacing Norm Link’s position. Trudy made a motion to appoint Rick and Gordy seconded the motion.MC
Audit: the audit of books has to be completed by the year’s end.
Year End Reports: This also need to be in by year’s end.
Red Cross: this issue will be tabled until our next meeting in January.
CHRISTMAS PROGRAM: The Children’s CHRISTMAS PROGRAM will be held on Dec. 19th during the regular church service. Tom Sayler has offered to take care of the bags.
Our Saviors Christmas Eve service will be held here at 5:30.
Other Business:
Correspondence: Teen Challenge sent us a postcard thanking us for their donations and WARC thanked us for the ongoing donations that we give to them.
Next Meeting Date: Our next church council meeting date will be: January 13th, 2022.
Meeting was adjourned by Lee We closed with the LORD”s PRAYER.
Submitted by Trudy P. Upon approval at January meeting

Center-Stanton Joint Parish Council Meeting, October 7, 2021
​Meeting held at OSLC opened by Diane C.

Prayer by Pastor Dennis

Members present: Diane C., Barb F., Alan S, Joell N, Jennifer O. Pastor Dennis and Rick H, Parish Treasurer also attended.

Minutes: Barb made a motion and Diane seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting. Motion passed. Joell N was voted by Our Savior"s Church Council to finish out Dean K. term.

Treasurer's Report: Joell N made a motion to approve the Treasure's Report. Jennifer seconded. Motion passed.
New Business, Budget: Alan made a motion to accept the proposed Budget for 2022. Barb seconded. Motion passed. An audit committee was formed.

Next Meeting: January 6, 2022 at 6:30 at Our Savior's.

Diane adjourned the meeting.

Submitted by Jennifer O., Joint Parish Council secretary