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Church Council Minutes: December 10, 2020
Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee Alderin, Norm Link, Trudy Piatz, Mardi Vavra, Cathy Honeyman
Absent: Hallie Sailer and Gordy Neumiller
Lee called meeting to order.
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts based on Luke: 4, Jesus is about to give his first teaching. The scroll
is given to Him and He opens it to Isaiah 61.
God came to give good news to all and to help the brokenhearted. He also came to proclaim liberty to those in captivity and the opening of the prisons to those that are bound. He will comfort those that mourn. When we recognize His grace and mercy, GOD’s people open up and praise Him.

Approval of Agenda: Mardi made a motion to approve the agenda; Norm 2nd; MC

Pastor’s Report: Pastor reported that Covid cases have seemed to go down and we did not see a surge after
Thanksgiving. Pastor is “thankful for that”. The children’s Christmas program is coming up and
Pastor has slowly been making visits again to the “elderly” and “shut-ins”, one at a time.
Minutes: Minutes from the last meeting were read by the council members. Mardi made a motion to approve
the November minutes and Norm 2nd, MC

Treasurer’s Report: Pastor made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and pay the bills as is, Trudy 
2nd, All in favor, MC.

Committee Reports:
Worship: Pastor reported we will have Christmas Eve Service and 6:00 PM and a Christmas Day service of
regular time of 10:30am.
Education: Pastor reported that confirmation this fall was a problem because of Covid and having to
quarantine, so he is offering zoom classes as well. Sunday school had been going very well and
the Sunday school children will be singing in church for the congregation on Sunday, Dec. 13. They
have asked that only close family members attend the program later that afternoon.
Youth: There is nothing to report at this time.
Property: Gordy has been working on various projects, such as lights in front of the church.
Parish: Next meeting: January 7 @ 6:30pm at OS

Old Business:
A. Flooring: Been put on hold because of Covid. A clock for the Narthex has been donated.
New Business:
A. Elevator: will be fixed as soon as we hear from the engineer. It will be done before the Christmas Eve service;
something that we have to look forward to.
B. Annual Reports: All reports need to be turned into Cindy by the end of December.

Upcoming Events: Gordy made a motion to hold the Annual Meeting on January 24th, 
 2020; Pastor 2nd; All in favor, MC

Christmas Eve Service will be held on December 24th, at 6:00pm.

Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: January 6 @6:00pm; Audit meeting: January 4th or 5th
We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.

Submitted by Trudy Piatz Upon approval at January meeting