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Church Council Minutes: June 15th, 2021
Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee A, Norm L, Trudy P, Mardi V, and Gordy N,
 and Cathy H Absent: Hallie S
Lee called meeting to order.
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts. From Luke 15:8-10 How many people can be in public settings 
and still feel lost or lonely or feeling like they are invisible? The lost coin was a parable about a woman who truly lost one 
out of ten silver coins. A lost coin could mean the difference between eating and starvation. She rejoiced when she found 
the coin and the angels rejoiced over a repented sinner. God grieves over the loss of one child of God and rejoices whenever one of his children turns to Him and enters the kingdom. Perhaps we would have even more joy for the lost, diligently seeking them and rejoicing when they come to the Savior.

Approval of Agenda: Norm made a motion to accept the agenda; Gordy 2nd; all in favor; MC.
Pastor’s Report: Pastor reported that lately we have had our share of funerals. This is hard on our congregation. Our prayers 
go out to the families. 
Minutes: Minutes from the last meeting were read by the council members. Cathy made a motion to approve the May
minutes and Gordy 2nd, MC
Treasurer’s Report: A motion was made by Pastor to return the $125 refunded by LSS to the Budget Account and then further 
donate the rest of the money budgeted for LSS this year, to WARC; also to approve the Treasurer’s report 
and pay all bills presented. Gordy 2nd; all in favor; MC 
Committee Reports:
Worship: The committee just met and they talked about Digital Ministry Strategy and how they might use “Zoom” for 
future Bible studies and including others that do not have internet connections. They will be meeting again next month.
Education: VBS went very well this year. There were 28 kids or so that attended. The kids really learned a lot and had 
fun learning with our remarkable teachers. Cudos to Valerie Sayler and Melissa Hovey from SP who 
organized the program.
Youth: This group had not met in quite awhile. There are plans to meet this summer at least twice which is difficult 
because of busy schedules.
Property: Gordy fixed the toilet in the basement. 
Stewardship: This group has not met in a while. Our finances have kept pace with our expenses.
Parish: Valerie S attended the Synod Assembly in Minot. She reported that it was a very good time. There were 
only 2 financial resolutions which passed. Next meeting: July 15th, @ 6:30pm at St. Paul’s.
Old Business:
A. Flooring: We need to re-measure for the flooring and the pricing in the parsonage.
B. Mowing: It was discussed having the Schmidt kids for mowing around the church. Suzie R is doing the mowing at the 
cemetery. The spraying will be done by S & M out of Center.
New Business:
A. Fascia: The fascia on the soffit at the top of the church will be taken care of by Pastor and Lee.
Upcoming Events: We discussed having an “outdoor” church service and potluck on August 8th @ 10:30am.
Correspondence: We received a letter regarding the Prairie Lake Festival at the Camp of the Cross.
Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: July 14 @ 6:00pm
Lee made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cathy 2nd; MC. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer 
Submitted by Trudy P Upon approval at July meeting.

Joint Parish Council Meeting  April 15, 2021
President Dean K. called the meeting to order.
Members present were Valerie S., Dallas M., Barb F., Diane C., Steven H., Dean K. and Pastor Dennis.
Valerie opened with prayer and devotions.
New members were introduced since we haven’t all been at one meeting together during COVID.
Agenda: No additions.
Minutes: Steven moved and Barb seconded to approve the minutes of last meeting. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Pastor went through spending on line 404. This included ink for printer, yearly copyright license, and
other items. Dallas moved to accept the treasure’s report, Steven seconded it. Motion passed.
The report on the Sabbatical Leave: The Sabbatical Leave was approved by both churches at annual meetings. It is now
part of Parish Agreement.
Pastor’s Report: The Bible Study went well this spring. Pastor presented it four times a week to make it accessible to all. 
It was teaching how to use study Bibles.
 Pastor may have a summer Bible study on the parables of Jesus. 
 Confirmation will be May 2 at both churches. 
 St. Paul’s puts together 64 grocery bags every other week and given to children at school that are in need of food for
weekends. Great Plains food truck supplies these groceries and members put them together. Our Savior’s has a food
program also. One member buys food and distributes the baskets to families in Stanton.
 VBS will be held June 1,2,3 in Center. Valerie S. and Melissa H. are in planning stages. 
 Pastor also addressed financial picture for each congregation. For now things are fine, but may need to address finances
Old Business: Pastor evaluation was discussed. The council agreed that each congregation’s council should address this
at their next meetings. Dean will contact Lee A. and Dallas will contact St. Paul’s council.
Parish Council minutes should be printed in respective newsletters. 
New Business: None
Next Meeting: 
Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 6:30 PM at St. Paul’s Church in Center.
We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Valerie S.
Secretary of Parish Council
Officers for 2020-2021
President: Dean K.
Vice President: Dallas M.
Secretary: Valerie S.    (Church Council Minutes: April)