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Sunday School  2020 Schedule

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Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Lee A., Gordy N., Trudy P., Cathy H., Norm L., Mardi V., and Hallie S.

Lee called the meeting to order

Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts.
Pastor’s Report: The question for us is, “Is this time of trial an opportunity to examine how faithful we are to God’s commands or not?” There are two diametrically opposing responses to God’s commands for our life. “Yes, we will do as you command.” And “No, we will not do as you command.”
The books of Moses, especially Numbers 11, reveals the drama between God’s desire and some of the children of Israel’s rebellious responses. Some leaders rebel against God and His chosen servant, Moses. The result is death and destruction. This may seem a bit harsh for those whom God in Christ is viewed much more compassionately and understandingly to law-breakers. However, let us look at Matthew 13:37-43: Jesus reveals, “The harvest is the end of the age, and the reapers are angels. Just as the weeds are gathered and burned with fire, so will it be at the end of the age. The Son of Man will send his angels, and they will gather out of his kingdom all causes of sin and all law-breakers.”
On the other hand many people believe that all things happen for a purpose. What do you think?

Agenda: Trudy made a motion to approve the agenda, Cathy 2nd, all in favor, MC.
Minutes: Minutes from the March meeting were read by the council members. Mardi made a motion to approve the minutes, Trudy 2nd. MC

Treasurer’s Report: Gordy made a motion to approve the monthly treasurer’s report and to pay the bills as is, Norm 2nd, All in favor, MC.

Committee Reports:

Worship: Worship has been updated as is obvious in our special meeting times due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. We are practicing social distancing and have offered Saturday Services for higher risk individuals and Sunday service for those who are at lower risk. And, the services can also be observed on You Tube and heard on the website: oslcstanton.com

Education: Our VBS for this year has been cancelled due to Covid-19.

Youth: The youth group has been put “on hold” for the time being. And Confirmation will be rescheduled for this summer.

Property: Gordy cut the grass last week and S&M Lawn Service will be doing the spraying of the church grounds. Gordy also fixed the door on the parsonage as well. “Thank you” Gordy

Parish: Parish Council meets Thursday, May 21h .

Old Business:

A. As expected, because of Covid-19, several tasks have gotten put “on hold”: such as fixing the bell and the projector wiring and the flooring of the parsonage. The chain around the cemetery was replaced.
New Business:
A. The reopening of the church was pre-approved by council. The rules and regulations took place on a special meeting on May 1st.
B. The “Reopening” was started on May 9th. Saturday Services will be held at the church for anyone with higher risk conditions. This service will also be video taping the sermon to be put on You Tube for those of you who choose not to attend services. President Lee called for a motion to approve the reopening of the church. Gordy made a motion, Mardi 2nd, all in favor, MC.
C. Council approved the purchase of a new camera for recording the Services
Council policies adopted for returning to worship.
First and overall if anyone is coughing or running a fever for any reason, we will ask them to please stay home and worship on YouTube or the website.
In May there will be two services a week.
 Those who are at higher risk if they catch the disease will come on Saturday at 11:30.
o Saturday’s service will be recorded and posted on YouTube
o The church will be disinfected Saturday afternoon.
o Those without internet will be called to offer the option of coming and cautioned.
 The Sunday service will be for those in the lower risk group at 10:30.
o The church will be cleaned after Monday to protect the cleaners.
 We will ask worshipers to bring a mask and wear it to decrease the possibility of silent carriers infecting others.
o when entering and leaving the church
o whenever in conversation with someone else
o during singing
 Every other pew will have the cushion removed.
o Ushers will seat and limit unit exposure
o Family units may sit with each other
o Others will be asked to practice physical distancing.
o Hymnals, bibles, pencils and paper will be removed from the pews
 Communion:
o Familial units can come to the rail if they are comfortable doing so.
o Individual prepackaged elements will be distributed by the ushers to those remaining in the pews.
o Communion servers will wash hands before serve, wears masks during communion and sanitize hands between tables.
 Announcements, scripture readings and/or weekly study will be available.
 A final caution will be given, that if folks want to visit they do so outside and to respect physical distancing.
 If things work well we might offer coffee and cookies for outside.
 Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and work as we walk through this.
Council Approved this by phone May 1, 2020

Upcoming Events: At this time things are “still up in the air” so to speak about any future events taking place at the church other than worship that have been carefully instructed. We will let Our Lord be our guide.

Correspondence: Our Savior’s received a letter asking for support in the form of dollars for the “National Child Safety Council” in Drug Education. This has been a program supported before, by our church so once again it has been approved by council. Gordy may a motion to support the cause, Cathy 2nd, all in favor, MC
Trudy made a motion to adjourn, Gordy 2nd, MC

Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: June 25th @6:00pm
We closed with the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Trudy P. Upon approval at June meeting