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Our Savior’s Church Council Meeting: September 14, 2021

Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee A., Gordy N., Trudy P., Norm L., and 
Cathy H. Absent: Mardi V. and Hallie S.
Lee called the meeting to order. Gordy made a motion to approve the agenda; Cathy 2nd, all in favor, MC,
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts.
Pastor asked the Lord to guide us during times of Spiritual issues facing our churches and communities. He 
asked for strength to be renewed in our faith and to be present in helping those in our communities that may 
need help with any issues they might be dealing with.
Pastor’s Report: Pastor reported that we will be having a new teaching series on Genesis 1-12 and on the 
Articles of Faith. Much like adult confirmation.

Minutes: Minutes from Aug. meeting were read by the council members. Norm made a motion to 
approve the August minutes, Gordy 2nd. MC

Treasurer’s Report: Pastor made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and to pay the bills, 
Gordy 2nd, MC.

Committee Reports:
Worship: Pastor reported that Barbot Funeral Home is now live-streaming funerals.

Education: Sunday School has started and is going very well. Thank you Valerie and Kelsey. 
And confirmation is off to a good start.

Youth: No new business

Property: No new business

Parish: Next meeting: October 7 @ 6:30pm at OS and this will be a budget meeting.

Old Business:
A. We are still waiting on Carpet World to get back to us on the issue of installing the new carpeting in the 
New Business:
A. Joint church service with Our Savior’s hosting is on Sunday, October 3 at 10:30am. Everyone is asked to 
bring a non-perishable food or paper item.
B. Annual Fall bazaar has been cancelled.
C. OS Annual Turkey Dinner, Sunday, November 7, at the Stanton Civic Center with Quilt Raffle and 
Basket auction.
D. Council is looking for someone to “edge” the lawn in front of the church.
Correspondence: Lisa Weisz from WARC thanked us for our donations.
Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: October 21 @6:00pm
Trudy made a motion to adjourn the meeting, Gordy 2nd; MC. We ended with the Lord’s Prayer
Submitted by Trudy P. Upon approval at October meeting

Center-Stanton Joint Parish Council Meeting, July 15, 2021
In President Dean K. absence, Barb F. opened the meeting.
Members present: Barb F., Diane C., Steve H., Alan S., and Pastor Dennis.
Minutes: Steve moved to approve the minutes from the last meeting, Alan 2nc, MC
Treasurer’s Report: A statement of Revenue and Expenses for ending June 20,2021 was presented. Steve 
moved to accept the treasurer’s report. Barb 2nd, MC
Old Business: None
New Business: Election of Officers: Steve H. was elected as President
Diane C. was elected as Vice President
Jennifer O. was elected as Secretary
Next Meeting: Thursday, October 7, 2021 at 6:30pm at Our Savior’s
We closed with the Lord’s Prayer. Alan moved to adjourn, Steve 2nd; MC
Submitted by Jennifer O., Secretary of Parish Council, to be approved at the next meeting.