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Church Council Minutes: April 22nd, 2021
Council Members Present: Pastor Dennis, Pr. Lee A., Norm L., Trudy P., Mardi V., Cathy H. and Gordy N. Absent: Hallie S.
Lee called meeting to order.
Pastor Dennis opened in prayer and spiritual thoughts. Many young people (under 40) view the world differently than over 40 adults. The “Post-Modern worldview is characterized by the belief that truth is created rather than discovers.” (Josh McDowell: The Disconnected Generation, Saving our Youth From Self Destruction, 2000)
Older adults grew up with the idea that it was their responsibility to discover truth and reality. Post-Modern adults are “being 
subtly shaped” so that “anyone who claims to know truth that unfavorably judges the values, beliefs, or lifestyle of another person is intolerant and bigoted. No one wants to be known as a bigot. Ant this is why Christian assertions of truth and reality do not resonate with younger adults in the same way they have with older adults.
Younger adults who adopt the post-modern worldview can grow up to be discouraged that the world is not how they thought it should be. If older adults desire to connect with younger discouraged adults, to be able to help them navigate the realities of this world, they must learn to first listen in love to try understanding what is being said and then gently lead the discouraged ones to re-create their worldview that better aligns with the realities of this life. Not all young people have adopted this worldview but they are influenced by it. Our job is to confess what we believe without negatively judging those who hold a different worldview.

Approval of Agenda: All approved the agenda.
Pastor’s Report: Things have loosened up a bit since the Covid threats and worship has been going very well. The YouTube 
Sermons are going very well also. Pastor will be looking over our Digital Ministry Program.
Minutes: Minutes from the last meeting were read by the council members. Norm made a motion to approve the 
March minutes and Mardi 2nd, MC
Treasurer’s Report: Pastor made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report and pay the bills as is, Gordy 2
nd, All in favor, MC.
Committee Reports:
Worship: Pastor reported that everything is going well with Sunday Worship.
Education: Education committee has not met in awhile. A 4 week study on the Ten Commandments is being held from 
mid-April to mid-May on Wednesday after school for 4-6th graders.
Youth: Haven’t been meeting due to Covid. . 
Property: Gordy reported that he has fixed the broken gate on the fence.
Parish: Next meeting: July 15th, @ 6:30pm at St. Paul’s.
Old Business:
A. Flooring: Gordy will be getting another bid again for the flooring in the parsonage.
New Business:
A. Constitution: Discussion was held about the constitution.
B. Administrative Professional Day: A motion was made by Trudy to give Cindy a gift for Administrative Professionals Day as 
our devoted and efficient secretary; Norm 2nd; MC 
C. Confirmation: The following students have completed the Confirmation requirements to become full members of our church. 
Hannah Neumiller, Jack Sailer, Jonathan Russel, Aspen DuMond and Shane Bosch. Confirmation will be Sunday, May 2. 
Pastor made a motion to accept these students into our church and become confirmed in the Lord’s name. Cathy 2nd; MC
Upcoming Events: May 23; Senior recognition Sunday for the following Seniors: From Center/Stanton: Kylie O. and Katie D. and from Hazen High School: Alyson B.
Correspondence: We received a letter from Lutheran Social Services that they will be closing after being in operation for 102 years. 
GOD BLESS LSS for all their church goals, activities and achievements.
Calendar dates and next meeting: Next meeting: May 20 @ 6:00pm
Lee made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Cathy 2nd; MC. We closed with the Lord’s Prayer 
Submitted by Trudy P. Upon approval at May meeting.

Joint Parish Council Meeting  April 15, 2021
President Dean K. called the meeting to order.
Members present were Valerie S., Dallas M., Barb F., Diane C., Steven H., Dean K. and Pastor Dennis.
Valerie opened with prayer and devotions.
New members were introduced since we haven’t all been at one meeting together during COVID.
Agenda: No additions.
Minutes: Steven moved and Barb seconded to approve the minutes of last meeting. Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: Pastor went through spending on line 404. This included ink for printer, yearly copyright license, and
other items. Dallas moved to accept the treasure’s report, Steven seconded it. Motion passed.
The report on the Sabbatical Leave: The Sabbatical Leave was approved by both churches at annual meetings. It is now
part of Parish Agreement.
Pastor’s Report: The Bible Study went well this spring. Pastor presented it four times a week to make it accessible to all. 
It was teaching how to use study Bibles.
 Pastor may have a summer Bible study on the parables of Jesus. 
 Confirmation will be May 2 at both churches. 
 St. Paul’s puts together 64 grocery bags every other week and given to children at school that are in need of food for
weekends. Great Plains food truck supplies these groceries and members put them together. Our Savior’s has a food
program also. One member buys food and distributes the baskets to families in Stanton.
 VBS will be held June 1,2,3 in Center. Valerie S. and Melissa H. are in planning stages. 
 Pastor also addressed financial picture for each congregation. For now things are fine, but may need to address finances
Old Business: Pastor evaluation was discussed. The council agreed that each congregation’s council should address this
at their next meetings. Dean will contact Lee A. and Dallas will contact St. Paul’s council.
Parish Council minutes should be printed in respective newsletters. 
New Business: None
Next Meeting: 
Thursday, July 15, 2021 at 6:30 PM at St. Paul’s Church in Center.
We closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Valerie S.
Secretary of Parish Council
Officers for 2020-2021
President: Dean K.
Vice President: Dallas M.
Secretary: Valerie S.    (Church Council Minutes: April)