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From my perspective...

Return to Worship

by Pastor Dennis on 05/06/20

A Return to Worship plan has been approved for the weekend of May 9 & 10th.

 Overall, by God’s grace, we are fortunate to have no active cases in Oliver and Mercer county, but that should not lull us into a false sense of security. The wolf is out there and we must take precautions for the protection of others.

 First precaution: If anyone is coughing or running a fever for any reason, please stay home and worship on YouTube or the website.

 In May there will be two services a week.

  • Those who are at a higher risk if they catch the disease are invited to come and worship on Saturday at 9:30.
  • Saturday’s service will be recorded and posted on YouTube
  • The Sunday service at 8:30 will be for those in the lower risk category.

 We are asking you to bring a mask and wear it to decrease the possibility of infecting others when entering and leaving the church, whenever you are in a close conversation with someone else outside of those you live with and during singing.

 Physical distance will be practiced and overseen by the ushers. Every other pew will have the cushion removed. Ushers will seat worshippers to limit exposure. Families may sit with each other. Others will be asked to practice physical distancing.

 Hymnals, bibles, pencils and paper will be removed from the pews..

 Communion: Familial groups can come to the rail if they are comfortable doing so. Individual prepackaged elements will be distributed by the ushers to those who wish to remain in the pews.

 Announcements, scripture readings and/or weekly study will be available.

 A final caution is given. If folks want to visit, they should do so outside and to respect physical distancing.

 If things work well, we might offer coffee and cookies for outside fellowship.

 Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers and work as we walk through this.

 Pr. Dennis


by Pastor Dennis on 03/14/20

This week Pastor, Lee and Dawn Alderin and Charlene Sampson were involved in a North Dakota State Health Department Webinar concerning the CoronaVirus.

You can access current information at and

One message was clear –take time to prepare and don’t panic.  Most of what was suggested is already in place as our response to seasonal flu. i.e. giving the sign of Peace and availability of sanitizer.

Wash hands often with warm water and soap – wash for at least 20 seconds. Sanitize in between – about the time it takes to pray the Lord’s Prayer or confess the Apostle’s Creed.

Stay home when sick.  Exactly what mom always taught.  If you are sick stay home and take care of yourself. You can find past sermons on the website and YouTube.

Cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or use the inside of your elbow.  Virus are spread through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

Lastly, avoid close contact with others, who may be sick. (about 6 feet). Therefore, we will avoid shaking hands and give the Sign of Peace until the crises subsides.

We invite you to continue to pray for those around the world who are ill; for those who are experiencing paralyzing fear because of this virus; for all medical workers who are caring for the ill and for researchers trying to find the best treatments in the sure and certain hope that Our Lord is with us and will walk with us through this time of trial. 

Exploring the Gospel of Matthew, Wednesdays, beginning Jan. 8th.

by Pastor Dennis on 12/26/19

WHY? Jesus came for sinners and if we only look at Matthew’s profession, we fall short of imagining what Jesus saw in him. Matthew was a tax collector. He was condemned by his neighbors as a traitor, one who served himself by fleecing his neighbors. But then a wandering teacher comes who has no status and calls him and for reasons we can only guess at, he rises up a follows the One who came to save the lost and the oppressed, now he serves our Lord.

            Jesus saw something in Matthew’s heart and Matthew saw something in Jesus that changed his life, gave him a life worth living.

            In the Gospel we meet Jesus and through Matthew’s eyes we see the Master, our Savior and find ways to turn away from self-destructive lives to lives that are filled with good purpose and satisfaction.

 Choosing a commentary or study is a personal choice. Therefore, instead of everyone following one author’s perspective, please take a look at the six offerings below and chose one to your liking. The prices are approximate from Amazon.

Matthew: The Coming of the King. John MacArthur (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2007) $9.78

            “The MacArthur Bible Studies includes extensive commentary, observations and truths for today, and probing questions to help your study the Word of God.”

Matthew: Being Discipled by Jesus. Stephen D. Eyre and Jacalyn Eyre (InterVarsity Press, 2000) Life Guide Bible Studies. $8.99

            “In Matthew we learn how to be a disciple of Jesus Christ and how to disciple others.”

Three Months With Matthew. Justo L. González (Abingdon Press, 2002) $11.99

            “This book is an invitation to study and to adventure.” “There are many good methods for the study of Scripture. The one we shall follow consists of three fundamental steps: See, Judge and Act.”

Matthew: Steve Halliday. Karen Lee-Thorp, Ed. (NavPress 1997) The LifeChange Series $10.63

“A Life-changing Encounter with God’s Word. Walk through Jesus’ most famous teaching and learn what it means to live with Him now, so you can live with Him forever.”

The Gospel of Matthew. Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2007) Life Lessons series. $9.99

            “What is the purpose of the Bible? To proclaim God’s plan of Salvation, to save His children. God’s highest passion is to get his children home.”

The Gospel of Matthew. William Barclay (The Westminster Press, 1975) The Daily Study Bible Series $14.98 for Vol. 1 of two volumes. 

            “The Daily Study Bible series seeks to convey the results of scholarship to the ordinary reader.”


Happy Christmas

by Pastor Dennis on 12/16/19

from my perspective…

A tiny baby lies in the manger with outstretched arms. The parents, Joseph and Mary, who rejoice in birth of a son, look deeply into his eyes. Angels, proclaiming the good news of God have filled the silent night. The shepherds hear the good news, “For unto you is born this day in the city of David, a Savior, who is Christ the Lord.” (Luke 2:11 ESV) The Shepherds seek the child and they find him.

Joseph must have been gratified to hear the shepherd’s story, for the angels confirmed the words spoken by Gabriel, in a dream, months before, “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21)

Outside the stable, the dark wind oppression blows and the people of Israel struggle. They blame their leaders, Judean and Roman, for their plight. They are ordinary people with ordinary needs for peace and security and hope. This winter, many are far away from home, forced to travel so they can be counted, so that more taxes can be added to their burden. It is not a peaceful time. Hope is a luxury that few seem to have - for it is hard to trust and believe that God will act. But they pray anyway for God to save them, to deliver them.

They pray for a warrior-king like David, but God has a different plan. Instead of raising armies that kill, steal and destroy, the Savior-king will raise an army of believers who will trust and hope in Him, who will build up one another with this hope in the midst of hardship and oppression. Like a summer shower, the Savior-king creates drops of rain that fall on the righteous and unrighteous alike. They give life until they are a flood of hope and peace that washes away the armies of darkness and despair.

This hope seems unimaginable to those who have bought into the lie, that possessions or power or political solutions will make everything right. God’s plan - God’s truth is that each person who trusts and receives the gentle showers of the light of God, will have the power and spirit of God to lift their own burdens and lighten the burdens of God’s people.

The Christmas story is not a myth to encourage children but holds the very power of God for life. Those, who in child-like faith, receive the hope of Christmas, find healing and peace and hope; they find their burdens lightened and their regrets forgiven, for God’s salvation is at hand.

Many who thought they were unworthy before God; will find they are welcome at the manger. Many, who thought their sins were unforgivable; will find pardon. Many who struggle with shame and guilt; will find their burdens lightened.  They are invited to go out, justified and healed, reborn into a new life with the Lord.

Christmastime is a gift from God. On Christmas Eve families who rarely worship together, hear the story of God’s plan for deliverance and once again it mysteriously it warms their hearts. They have heard the story many times and yet somewhere in the experience, hope blossoms and once again they find hope and purpose for tomorrow.

Please, join us for Christmas and the New Year in church where the light of Christ, the hope and peace and love of God, prevail against the armies of darkness.

Your pastor, Dennis

Be merciful as your Father in Heaven is merciful

by Pastor Dennis on 09/10/19

To walk in the image of God is to walk in the mercy of God. However, in a self-centered worldview, mercy is expected but rarely given. And if given it is given because the person touched some part of a compassionate. That heart judge the person worthy of mercy. God on the other hand gives mercy to the undeserving. Doesn't seem fair, does it?

God directs us to live in covenantal relationship with Him and all people that carries a covenantal responsibility. What does it mean, then, to be merciful  as our Father in Heaven is merciful?" (Luke 6.36-38)

I could give you some examples, but it better if you discover God's truth for yourself. If you would like to chat - give me a call.

from my perspective…

Midsummer storms seem to appear out of nowhere. There is warning signs of course, clouds on the horizon, strong winds, hot and humid days. But they develop quickly, in an hour or two, and then they are upon us. The storms can bring relief from the drought or flooding. Either way, we do our best to be prepared.

The challenges of the spring have passed by and with courage; people are stepping out and re-engaging in community and church. We are blessed that we don’t share the hot-spots many of the cities of our country. We thank God for open spaces and the ability to worship as we please.

How we worship has probably been changed irrevocably. In the past we flirted with YouTube and Facebook. Now our digital ministry will become “normal.” The church has always adapted to changing conditions and we shouldn’t expect that these times, our times, should be any different.

This is an important time for the people of God to listen to God with open ears for strength and direction. In the past months, we have seen people who had rejected God try to figure out how to live without God. We have seen spiritual discouragement that has set neighbor against neighbor. We have seen leaders striving to keep up with changing conditions. And disappointingly, we have seen lawlessness flood the streets.

This should not surprise us for Jesus said all these things are signs of the end times. But before we stand up and cheer, “The Lord is coming, praise be the name of the Lord." We should remember that Jesus tells us in Matthew 24, there will be a time of tribulation when the Antichrist will rule and lawlessness will be prevalent.

We must prepare for a time such as this. The fall and winter will present challenges that will call for faithful people of God to lead by example and pray for one another, that all may call His name for help.

We must prepare for a time such as this when the followers of Jesus will be called on to stand up and step out; to take on the role “salt and light” for the greater community. (Matthew 5:13-16)

God has prepared His people for just such a time as this through weekly worship, knowledge of God’s word, and the ability to pray for one another that God’s will be done and His kingdom come to all who cry out to Him.

God has chosen to use His people, redeemed from sin and slavery, to live and to proclaim His message of hope and freedom. This is no longer a time to be passive. It is time for God’s people to set aside their complacency and apathy in order that some might be saved.

Our goal in August will be to continue our walk through the book of Exodus. In chapters 18 and 19 we will see the Lord coming to the people, through Moses, to give them guidelines on how to live with one another and with Him as they travel through the wilderness.

I invite you to join us for worship, whether it be on YouTube or Facebook or in church as we prepare for the fall.

Your preparing pastor, Dennis

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I deeply desire to bring Christian comfort and the power of prayer to those who are challenged with sickness or circumstances in life. 

Neither the hospitals or care centers are allowing visitation.
 If it a matter of life and death, call me and I will contact them.​

Pastor Dennis