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Request for Prayer:
If you would like a prayer list or any other information,
 please include your mailing address.
email: oslc@westriv.com
​Pastor: 701-301-9380

News Please scroll down for the Usher Schedule and other news.


March 7 
Reader: Val S.
Com Helper: 

February 14: 
Greeters: Trudy P. & Elaine B.
Ushers: Gordy N.
Reader: Joell N.
Com. Helper: 

February 21:
Greeters: Nola G. & Julie M.
Com. Helper: 

February 28:
Greeters: Sunday School Children
Reader: Kelsey G.
Com Helper: Hunter G.

The Assisting Minister Dawn G.. will call you on Saturday to remind you of your duties. Please let them know if you are unable to be there that Sunday so we can find a replacement.

Alter Circle for March 2021:
Cassandra Dumond, Suzi Russell, Ann Wigton

Quilting at Our Savior’s

We would like to encourage  anyone to come and join us. 
There is always something that  they could help us do. 
We are more then willing to teach 
anyone that would like to help us. 
Right now there are about 10 of us that come every
Tuesday starting at 10:00 a.m.

We usually bring a sack lunch but it seems like someone is 
always will to bring more and we always have plenty to eat. We have made a lot of beautiful quilts and it is a wonderful time. If you know how to tie a knot, cut a square, know how to use an iron, etc. Come and join us.  

 Our Savior’s WELCA, Joel’l 

Pastor Dennis deeply desires to bring Christian comfort and the power of prayer to those who are challenged with sickness or troubles in life. 

Please, call Pastor at 301-9380 if surgery or a hospital stay is imminent or if a visit from Pastor could be helpful. 

Hospitals or care centers are restricting visitation. Pastor Dennis is willing to do a phone visit and will inquire on in person visits. Please let Pastor Dennis know if your loved one is in a care center or hospital.

 "Two are better than one, because if one falls down, his friend can help him up." 
The Western North Dakota Synod publishes a monthly e-newsletter. To subscribe contact beth@wndsynod.org.
The Synod Website is found at http://wndsynod.org/
Bishop elect Rev. Craig Schweitzer
Church Council News
We are having services on Sundays. If you are
uncomfortable attending, but would  like to
contribute you can send your offering by mail to:
OSLC Box 27 Stanton, ND 58571. 

You can also signup for electronic payment by contacting:
Rick H.

Be safe and we hope to see you soon.
Thank you for your consideration.

Lee A., President OSLC Council

Our Savior's 
Ushers and Greeters
Sunday School 9:45am
Worship: 10:30am

Sunday School Calendar 2021
9:45 AM-10:25 AM  
(church begins at 10:30 am)

Sunday School Resumes January 10, 2021.  Contact Valerie or Kelsey for more information on Sunday School.

Valerie and Kelsey

Bible Study in the Gospel of Luke
Chapters 1-18.

Through Lent we will meet at 10:00 am on Wednesdays for a study in Luke.

Week of 3/3: Luke 14, Jeremiah 45; 50:1-7
Week of 3/7: Luke 17, Jeremiah 46; 50:8-10
Week of 3/14: Luke 18, Jeremiah 47; 50:11-16
Week of 3/21: Luke 19, Jeremiah 48; 50:17-20
Week of 3/28: Luke 21-24, Jeremiah 49; 50:33-34

At the church or Zoom
(Email Pastor if you would like to zoom)
No Books needed.
Consider using a study bible for insight or
the study bible website

Pastor Dennis

2021 Retreat Programs

For Current information on Camp of the Cross activities please check out the website at  www.campofthecross.com

Join us for another retreat season at Camp of the Cross
We have retreats for youth, women, men and families

Due to Covid 19, we will have guidelines and protocols in place for your safety and to also meet health department guidelines. All that you need to prepare will be emailed to you ahead of time.

​Thank you for your support and prayers during this unusual year!!
COVID certainly has put a strain on our ministry, but throughout it all God has been present.


Featured Camps:
Voyagers: (entering grades 2-3)
Homesteaders: enter grades 4-5
Prairie Dwellers: entering grades 6-7
Pathfinders: entering grades 8-9
Senior High: entering grades 10-12