Our Savior's Lutheran Church
Ph 701-745-3346
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Events at Our Savior's
June Worship
Saturday: higher risk  worshipers at 9:30

Sunday, Lower Risk worshipers at 8:30

NO Coffee/Fellowship or
Sunday School

Contact us:

Office: 701-745-3346
email: oslc@westriv.com
Mail: PO Box 27, 
         608 Arthur Street, 
         Stanton, ND 58571

Pastor Dennis: 
P O Box 52, Center, ND 58530
Mobile / text: 701-301-9380

email: dristvedt@westriv.com

Welcome - 
Come share in the joy of the LORD

Recordings are available on the Sermon's page and on YouTube.

Confirmation  4:30-5:50

Adult Bible Discussion at 6:00-7:00
When God's children face difficult times we often call them Wilderness times, remembering the forty years recorded in Exodus and Numbers. 

Church Council, June 25th at 6:00 
NO Worship Team or property

Our Savior's is growing family of believers in Jesus Christ, welcoming all God's Children, 
joyfully worshiping God through Word and Sacrament and serving our neighbors with His Love.
E-News is available 
  • periodic email news
  • Monthly downloadable newsletter

Just send an email to oslc@westriv.com 
to register.
The 15th of the month is the newsletter deadline.​

Joint Parish Council
President: Melton O. (SP: 2017-2020)
Vice President: Dean K. (OS: 2019-2022)
Secretary: Valerie S. (OS 2018-2021)
Past President: Dawn A. (OS; 2017-2020)
Dallas M. (SP: 2018-2021)
Barb F. (SP: 2019-2022). 
Next Meeting is April 23rd
at St. Paul at 6:30

Our Savior's Council:
President: Lee A.
V. President: Gordy N.
Secretary: Trudy P.
Property: Gordy N. 
Youth Rep: Hallie S.
Members: Mardi V. and Norm L.
OS Committee Members: 
Education: Pastor Dennis, Valerie S., 
Billie Jo S., & Cassandra D.

Property & Stewardship:
Gordy N. Lee A., Pr. Dennis, 
John L., Tom S.,  
DuWayne F., Ron B., & Linda S.

Worship & Evangelism:
Pastor Dennis, Sarah B., 
 Lina L., & Marvin L.
Holy Humor: The Sunday School Teacher asked: “Now, Thomas, tell me frankly, do you say a prayer before eating?” “No sir” Thomas replied, “I don’t have to. My mom is a good cook.